Watercolour Workshops

ragged robin

I am currently aiming to run a beginner’s class at Port Noarlunga Arts Centre starting on September 30 2018. This is the provisional schedule: Watercolour workshops at PNAC    Please contact me asap  if you would like to do this class.

I also run watercolour workshops, usually on the third Saturday of the month, at the Red Hen Carriage, Strathalbyn.

When I started teaching watercolours, I realised I had to use the same approach that I use when I teach drawing – take it step by step, showing people the potential mistakes one at a time so that they understand how to correct them.

“Where do you start?” “What do you leave out?”  “How do you avoid muddy colours?”  “How do you get gum tree greens?”  “What makes a good composition?”  “What are the best materials to use?”  “Should you draw it all in pencil first?”  “How do you paint people and trees?”

When we try out a new medium, we often start with all these questions at once.  My workshops aim to answer these questions one by one, so you can build up confidence in your medium before you jump in at the deep end and attempt a finished masterpiece.

Bring any watercolour materials you have, try out the inexpensive samples during the workshop, and you will soon be much more confident about choosing  and using the tools that really work for you.

Contact me via the form below if you would like to sign up for a watercolour workshop.


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