Drawing for the Terrified – and Not so Terrified


In 1992, I was asked to devise a drawing course for beginners at a further education college in the UK.  I adopted the title of Richard Box’s book, Drawing for the Terrified, for the title of my course, and since 2001 it has been as popular  in Australia as it was in the UK.

The course is based on Betty Edwards’ book, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.  But over the years I have adapted and modified Betty’s exercises according to different people’s needs and requirements, and while I don’t claim that this beginner’s course will make you draw like Da Vinci, it provides a good basic introduction to the Rules of Drawing and why our brains trick us into making elementary mistakes.

Drawing for the Terrified and Not so Terrified Classes in 2018

DFTT classes can be taken in blocks of 4 or 5 sessions or two whole day sessions. The same material is covered in each case, and all classes involve doing a small amount of homework!

This is the schedule for all drawing classes in 2018 (Drawing for the Terrified classes are typed in red): Drawing classes schedule October November 2018

If you want more information or to book for any of these courses, please contact me via the form below.



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