Corporate Workshops

Drawing out your Creative Side – a Drawing Workshop for the Workplace

Is this a vase or two profiles?

Is this a vase or two profiles?

What’s it about?

This is a one hour workshop designed to fit into a busy work schedule in an office environment. It will help to relax and invigorate bored and tired workers, and might even enhance creativity in the workplace.

The purpose of this workshop is to take the ‘art’ out of drawing, thus making it accessible to everyone.  Drawing is a creative skill that we all possess, and it can help us not only to relax but also to solve problems, both at work and in our everyday lives.

At the same time, learning about drawing helps us understand more about our own physical perceptions.  We learn that we surround ourselves with preconceptions that not only distort our vision of the world, but can actually affect our self-esteem.

What will it achieve?

Those who attend the workshop will gain conscious insight into the way we all perceive the world. The left brain/right brain exercises are designed not only to relax, but also to stimulate the brain into taking on new concepts and challenges.

Attendees will not instantly draw like Leonardo, and that’s not what the workshop is about.  However, if the exercises are practised regularly, it’s very likely they will enhance creative thinking in the long term.

Behavioural science is demonstrating more and more that the brain can be changed by the act of learning a new skill: in the case of drawing, this is a skill that we all acquire in childhood, but in order to develop it further, and in useful ways, we need to revisit it with the logical perspective of our adult brains.

Students are also very likely to develop an enthusiastic as well as a more relaxed attitude towards developing their drawing skills.

What do we do in the workshop?

After a brief introduction to the left/right brain convention, describing scientific studies and consequent assumptions about the logic/creativity divide, everyone is given a creative task to perform.

Next, the class is given a number of tasks that are designed not just to awaken the dormant ‘right’ brain functions, but also to get the two ‘sides’ of the brain working together, which is the ideal state for healthy, creative thinking.  Some of these tasks will be physical, some mental, and some will be specific drawing tasks.  People will be asked to compare and discuss their reactions and performance in these exercises.

At the end of the workshop everyone is given another creative task, to see how far their creative faculties have been awakened during the session!

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