Drawing from Memory

I have started my New Year resolution early. I decided that in order to not only exercise my brain but also to stimulate my visual perception, I needed to try drawing more from memory. It’s so easy these days to take a photo if you don’t have time to make a sketch on the spot, but the more we do that, the less we are inclined to really notice what is happening in front of our eyes.  When I think back to something I have witnessed recently I often find it really hard to remember what colour clothes people were wearing, whether they had glasses or moustaches, and what the surroundings looked like.

Sketch in sepia and indigo watercolour, from a photo

I’m currently on holiday in Revelstoke, a small town with a ski resort deep in the Rockies in British Columbia, Canada.  Just as I did on my last trip, I’ve set myself the task of doing at least one drawing a day, but half the drawings are memory sketches. It’s generally too cold to sketch outdoors so I will draw quite often from photos of the landscape, but I want to reach the point where I can draw from my memory of the places I saw. And I’m also drawing memory sketches of the people I meet, and members of my own family. Here are some examples:

Sleepers on the flight from Auckland to Vancouver

Leo amused himself taking my drawing pens out one by one and replacing them in their packet.

Viv is convinced she can pull Grandpa’s beard off

My first cookie party.

This is what you do when you’re two

If you are interested in following my blog about my holiday sketches, I will be posting from time to time here

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