Tip 3. Join a Life Drawing class.

life drawing poster

Life drawing is still a very important discipline. You don’t have to be a Leonardo before you enrol in a life drawing class.  There are life drawing groups that don’t have tuition at all, and nobody’s required to pass a test to join them.  They all do it because they love doing it.  There are life drawing classes that concentrate on different aspects: some are about accuracy, some are about expression, some are about preparatory drawings for paintings.  Some classes concentrate on quick poses, others might get the model to hold the same pose for several hours (with breaks).

My classes are designed to help you decide what’s best for you.  We alternate between male and female models; we start with short poses and finish with longer ones; we look at ways of achieving accuracy; we explore different media in order to convey expression; we draw in line and we draw in tone; we consider ways of developing the drawings into paintings or hand made prints. For the latest schedule of life drawing sessions, go to my life drawing page.

Once you have had a few lessons to boost your confidence, the best way to learn is to keep doing it, and watch other people at work (if they are happy to let you). There are life drawing groups everywhere. Here are a few links:

No Vacancy Gallery, Melbourne

Adelaide Central School of Art, Adelaide

Tutored life drawing in Melbourne – soon to be part of Art Catalyst.com

The Art Room, Melbourne – and they had the wonderful idea of having a fund-raising life drawing day!

Even if you’re in Alice Springs there’s a life drawing venue near you!

And CDW Studios in the Myer Centre in Adelaide does drop-in life drawing with pizza!



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